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Helen Standing - Music Tutor (West Wales UK)

Lesson Fees

You will receive an invoice via email for online payment at the start of each half term. I no longer accept other payment forms due to bank closures.

The following prices apply to

individual student lessons at Helen's home.

Fees at other venues and/or for shared lessons may vary.

6 Lesson Half Term Block

(pay via email invoice at start of block)

6 x 15 min lessons is £36 (£6 per 15 min)

6 x 30 min lessons is £72 (£12 per 30 min)

6 x 45 min lessons is £108 (£18 per 45 min)

6 x 60 min lessons is £144 (£24 per 60 min) 

You will be charged for a missed lesson

if you fail to inform Helen in advance of any absence.

If you pay late or miss more than one lesson per half term, you may lose your place and have to rejoin Helen's waiting list

or find an alternative tutor - no payments will be refunded.

Lesson fees cover:

Lesson Time - £8 per hour

Preparation Time - £8 per hour

Resources, play-along subscriptions, insurance etc

Additional costs to students include:

Exam and other recommended books.

Examination Fees, Resources and Accompaniment Fees

Your own instrument and maintenance and insurance etc.

Exam Fees

Students of all ages can opt to take music exams.

Prices and payment methods vary for each exam board.

Exam boards require candidates to pass Grade 5 Theory exam

before entering for Grade 6 Performance or higher.

DATA PROTECTION - Some personal info will be disclosed to me with your payment (eg Name / Email / Address but not card/bank details) and stored by PayPal in line with UK business regulations.