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Helen Standing - Music Tutor (West Wales UK)

p111 The Longer Pose - On the Fence

I used pastel pencils and found they suited me better than regular pastels both health-wise as I didn't get so much on my skin and therefore had less reactions to them. Also it meant that I could get a sharp point for fine lines.

The pastel pencils layered well, like ProMarkers but with the advantage that I could 'correct' things.

To get the proportion, I found that this model was five roughly equal sections for head, upper body, lower body, upper legs and lower legs. I decided to exclude the lower leg, to zoom in on the face and upper body more.

I added brown to the fence shadows to link with the wood and contrast to the clothing shadows.

It would probably be better to have even more tonal range on the figure. The mouth lacks definition and some further blending of colour would be beneficial.

I kept the background simple to drawer more attention to the subject, but some subtle vegetation and greater colour variety in the sky wouldn't go amiss.

Check & Log

To a certain extent, I have made a complete statement with this piece in that it captures something of the sitters' expression and present state. However, further use of tone would give the work a more solid and 3 dimensional feel. Building up the tone and reflected shadow was difficult, especially the fence as it was a strange construction in the way the panels joined to the upright and I think I should have simplified it as it possibly looks a bit odd here.

To me, I have captured some of the pose as this does look like my brother's posture and expression. He is always quite informal/relaxed in his body yet his eyes and mind focus in on whatever he is watching for long spells of time. However the cheeks are too full / face is too round etc.

I think the proportions are mainly accurate, although perhaps his head looks small compared to his body. However, this is possibly more to do with the neck and his slouched position.