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Helen Standing - Music Tutor (West Wales UK)

p113 Essential Elements - Richard on Sofa / Sitting in the Chair

I tried to bring out the 3-dimensional form of the subject by shading in the darkest parts first. I also cast some shadow onto the sofa to increase the sense of depth more. The sense of 3D is a little lost in the first sketch due to the sofa lines. Furthermore, I don't really have the angle of the upper and lower legs quite right. 

In the third sketch, I used a harder charcoal pencil, but found I preferred the medium for this task as I could build a wider tonal range. In the forth drawing, I looked at the force of the sitter on the seat. I over did it a bit here though! The crossed legs were also a bit of an issue.

Again, on the fifth picture, I struggled with the form of the crossed legs, but the sense of depth and animation was better in the final sketch - although I need to work on feet at some point!

Check & Log

I initially focused on proportion for each picture then tried to build up tone to create a sense of weight and three-dimensional form. There is some sense of proportion in these sketches, although I do have some issues eg varied arm lengths. I have achieved some representation of three-dimensional form - I think sketch 6 is best for that as the legs do seem to be further in front than the body etc, although the lower body in particular seems a bit flat.

I think drawing 6 also gives the best sense of pose as the subject looks at his hands and makes the viewer wonder what he is doing.

The majority of poses were based on the model's central axis. In sketch 4, the model is more twisted but I haven't really conveyed that accurately.

Further Work

I wanted to practice this more but I couldn't get another model, so I took some photos of myself in different poses and did further sketches etc.

6 charcoal pencil sketches:

1. The proportion of the body is ok, but the neck is too long and the upper legs are too long compared to the lower limb. I also didn't use the page well as I ran out of space for the legs.

2. The proportion of the legs and

body is better in this picture.

I've also shortened the neck, although perhaps look a bit hunched here.

The seat of the chair slopes too much as it isn't the same angle as the sitter.

3. The lower leg is too thin and the arm is too long. However the body and head are in reasonable proportion. There is also a sense and solidness in the body.

4. Again, I have problems with the legs,

as the angles are not accurate.

The facial features are also unrealistic.

5. I got the angle of the seat area better here, but the actual body lacked form/depth.

6. I used a different seat for this picture to try to get a leaning posture rather than another sitting position. However the legs don't work here - partly because they aren't solid in appearance with the sofa lines showing through!

I think I also needed to make the tone much darker for this, with the window being behind the subject.

I also drew 6 pen versions, working more closely from the photos,

to see where I had gone wrong in the charcoal sketches.

There should be more shadow cast from the sitter onto the chair behind.

I decided to photocopy these onto watercolour paper and try to get greater tonal range using the Inktense water soluble pencils, as this had been very limited in my Part 3 work. I did use more colour range here, eg purple for the dark areas of blue, but it is still too simple so I need to mix colours even more in future.I think these are possibly too vibrant so I'll buy and try 'normal' watercolour pencils instead for further attempts.