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Helen Standing - Music Tutor (West Wales UK)

p116 Energy - Baseball

I used these baseball poses to try and get more dynamic positions. However, the first two are still quite static as the model is in 'waiting' position.

The final pose was slightly easier as the body and legs were straighter, however, I did have problems with the arms and bat. Although there is definitely a sense of energy here.

The next two poses had more energy to them - which I found much harder to draw as the stances were more difficult with twists/leans etc. I had to have several attempts at the lower picture as the position was much more complex. It was also harder to fir these poses on the page and I tried the paper both portrait and landscape.

Check & Log

Although the baseball bats were a bit out of proportion, I was reasonably pleased with how I captured these poses as some of them were off the central axis. However some twists are quite complex, particularly picture 4 with the shoulders, body and legs all moving.

I think the figures balanced well to a certain extent - although some of the poses do have the models off balance, so maybe that made it easier.

The poses of the models really helped me to convey energy - especially the last three. Having one foot behind the other, arms raised, and twists from the central axis show the subject is in transition from one place to another. The lack of ball also suggests that something has just / is about to happen and also implies the energy and interaction of a second subject out of view.