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Helen Standing - Music Tutor (West Wales UK)

p121 Form and Movement in Clothing

The model wore a silk dressing gown in this sketch. She sat in a relaxed posed and the environment was relaxed which helped me chill too! It wasn't easy to see the seat because of the flowing garment, so it looks a bit like she's floating.

WhilstI have depicted some sense of form for both the body and the fabric, I haven't faithfully recreated it - and the model looks more stocky here than in real life! 

Check & Log

I found this sketch easier than some of the other exercises as the environment was more relaxed. I didn't get too distracted by the details eg face etc which I found really freeing, because this was a bit of a different approach for me.

Initially I was daunted by the thought of drawing all the folds in fabric, but I just focused on the main ones, building up cross-hatch in the darkest sections.

This sketch does give some idea of a co-herent form behind the fabric - although not exactly representative of this model!

I would approach a similar sketch in a similar way as I feel that I built this up quite well. This is one of my favourite exercises/sketches so far as I think it captures the mood of informality and everyday-ness. I didn't get too pre-occupied by line. I was a bit dubious as to how well I would draw fabrics, but I think I've had reasonable results for these last two exercises.

Further Work

At a later date, a experimented with the original sketch in the iPad Art Set app using oil pastel setting. I haven't really worked with real oil pastels much, so that probably hampered me slightly, but I did try to consider how colours might work in relation to the original tonal sketch. The dressing gown works reasonably well as it does flow a bit- although many of the folds are lost. The hair lacks dimensional tone, but this is something I would try again and hope to improve on.