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Helen Standing - Music Tutor (West Wales UK)

p123 Sitting and Waiting

Most of these sketches were drawn with erasable pen as it boosts my confidence - although I am trying to rely on the eraser less!

This first (iPad sketch) has some issues with the legs and the angles of the chair. I like that the upper body is lighter to draw attention to the top third but it does perhaps detract from the face. Some parts work ok but it's not entirely coherent.

Whilst I really like this second picture, I felt that I wanted to go for it more and draw with bolder, cleaner lines rather than use sketchy lines. After the previous exercises, I feel a bit more confident about showing proportion, so decided to try and be brave!

The harp sketch is very rough with wavy harp strings, hand etc, but it does have a sense of fun about it.

The person waving isn't a very trure representation either, but I is warm and friendly. I like that I didn't get bogged down with making the shirt creases/folds too detailed.

In the sketches below, I like that the cleaner is smiling as it's a pretty thankless job, but she is happy in her work.

I like the black/white contrast of the seated person drawing as it somewhat contrasts with the informal relaxed pose. I'm also intrigued as to what the woman is watching/contemplating. However, I think I haven't drawn her hair well, and we don't really know where the light source is.

I kept the lines in the girl drawing sketch as simple as possible - to emphasize the 'draw 'element. The hair on her left is not well done as it's shorter than the left and the shorter strands hang from nowhere! I sketched this with the paper on an angle to that I could get both the girl and her work in - plus it feels more creative than a simple portrait angle so I think that fits the subject better.

For this pencil drawing of a woman drinking coffee I decided to use some tone for a bit more practice but I think I should have built it up more.

The laughing woman sketch is not particularly flattering, but it does capture a mood and intrigue. Blacking out the mouth draws your eye in focus is on the expression of the mouth and eyes.

The One Man and a Dog sketch makes me laugh as neither characters impressed. It's not entirely clear whether than man is aware of the dog, but the fact that the dog's beard overhangs the man's shoulder implies he might - or that something ominous is about to happen! I like the difference in marks between the simple lines of the man and the crazy canine curls. I also like that the dog has eye contact with us.

In the final sketch, I put more lines in the cardigan which balances with the hair thus the face is a contrast despite the plain background.