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Helen Standing - Music Tutor (West Wales UK)

p124 Fleeting Moments

Again these sketches were drawn with erasable pen - perhaps I am a bit too reliant on it.

I drew several quick sketches of my dad's friend building a domino tower, again using erasable pen. This was a good exercise to do as his movements were relatively slow, yet there was a clear story to the sequence. It also meant that I could do a range of poses and select the best ones. Also the fast sketchy appearance of the dominoes works well in that it looks precarious. However the man himself doesn't look much like the real person - he looks a lot older here!

This second group were again based at the activity centre. I tried to select a variety of actions/situations

The first is a bit rough - especially the nose - as the action was quite fast here and I was a bit slow!

The girls were a bit easier to include detail on as it was a bit more static pose, although I still had some issues with the noses. But there is still a sense of a fleeting moment.

I like the archer sketch as it has a sense of what's happened and what might happen next - although we don't know what exactly. I also like the limited use of line for the t-shirt, as it does give a sense of form, without getting bogged down in detail.

For the bumper boat, the pose was quite difficult. Again, I like that the lines of the person's flesh and clothing are quite simple as this is contrast with the texture of the hair, water, fence etc.

Doing pictures with the erasable pen does boost my confidence, but I need to develop confidence in other media now.