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Helen Standing - Music Tutor (West Wales UK)

p126 Drawing Your Face

I used coloured pastel pencils for this task, to try to gain confidence in a less erasable medium.

In the first sketch, I felt my face wasn't big enough and the nose was too round.

In the left sketch, I struggled to get the shape of my head a little bit side-on. One problem was that I had the eyes too high - I managed to rectify this for the second attempt.

I drew some more sketches, including my neck this time, resorting back erasable pen... This gave me more confidence and I was able to produce more accurate representations. However it was hard to get different angles / perspectives that didn't distort my face ie show a double chin etc!

The third picture was hard to drawn as it was slightly side on but I decided to add the hand and background so that the figure didn't float so much. The fourth picture was the hardest because of the viewing angle, raised head and open mouth - which also made it hard to hold the position!

Whilst these are quite coherent drawings, I don't think I really have the shape of my head correct, so that is something to work on more in the next task.