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Helen Standing - Music Tutor (West Wales UK)

p129 A Self Portrait

I'm just becoming acquainted with iPads so drew this when trying out an app. It's not a very faithful portrayal of my likeness but I have managed to give some tonal variety in this quick attempt. Part of the problem is that I used my finger, nit a stylus so that's something worth getting. Working with apps is a media I want to pursue more as it allows me to try a variety of mark making and effects, but without coming into contact with media that irritate my skin such as charcoal and pastels.

I drew this charcoal pencil version in the car whilst waiting for the driver so it's not a great attemp and there are several areas that need further development. The shape is inaccurate as the face is too long and thin. The glasses are not symmetrical, the eyes are too big and the ears/eyes are not aligned correctly. I always struggle this as I feel, with my short forehead, that my eyes are higher than halfway up my head. However, the chin is definitely too big here, and I think the nose are is too long so this really doesn't help the issue! The neck is also too long.

Whilst there is some application of tone, there should be more between the eyes and the nose.

There is some idea of light reflection and moistness in the eyes.

The next attempt has my hair all bundled up in a towel. I felt more relaxed whilst drawing this and that had a positive effect on the work, as it is more accurate in shape etc. I do find working with pen much easier than charcoal. The folds of the towel work reasonably well. Whilst I have drawn the eyes to big again, there is some sense of depth them and the nose, although I have probably made the bags under the eyes to harsh.

The shape of the face is better here and the lips are quite representative, but the nose is a bit off.

Whilst it's not perfect, I feel I've achieved more and grown in confidence here as I didn't use erasable pen, so that's a big step for me!

For this final attempt, I decided to use colour ProMarkers and still build up layers as I did with charcoal/pencil.

I think the mouth area works the best, but the cheeks lack definition and would benefit from showing the muscle structure more. 

Whilst there is some darkness between the eyes and nose in this drawing, having had a fresh look, I think there needs to even more tonal range here.

The spectacle frames also lack depth - adding green hints would possibly have increased tone here as the red pen is quite dark even on the first application. However, I got some idea of depth between the glasses and the face behind, as I used a light grey layer for the lenses.

I could have done with a fine brown pen to add more colour range to the eyebrows as ProMarkers don't always mix well with other media - pencil crayon would probably have worked too.