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Helen Standing - Music Tutor (West Wales UK)

p132 Assignment 4b - Tonal drawing of Reclined Figure

For these preliminary sketches, I focused on the model and excluded the background. In the first, I studied the shapes and angles before considering tone in the second sketch.

I drew a line version of the pose, to work out the composition for the A2 version. I used erasable pen so that I would have relatively clean lines and not confuse myself when working on the final version. It was quite difficult to get the feet correct, but I managed to get the slouched body at a more accurate angle. I still stuggled with legs a bit, but had to move on. Again, the fact that I was using pen - an erasable pen at that! - made me more confident. I can also spend longer using this medium as I have to draw with pastels and charcoal for short spells, which always makes me feel more pressured. It would probably have been better to include the background furniture at this stage, rather than leaving it for the A2 version - plus it would have helped me proportion things more easily.

I drew a grid over the pen sketch to help me enlarge up to A2 and be a bit more accurate than the A2 line drawing of the previous task. However, I have changed some of the angles a bit in the process - although I'm not sure that the chair is quite coherent.

 I liked working with the pastel pencils in that I could rework bits that needed correcting, however I could only work with the medium for about an hour each day as it still irritated my skin. I found it hard to keep going back to it for such short spells over several days. This also meant that I couldn't work on it as much as I wanted in the time frame and it isn't finished. The face needs more defining and the wall is lacking interest. I did try to link the unit to the central figure more by subtly reflecting some of the clothing colours into the draws & cupboards, but I don't thing the perspective of the unit quite works with that of the main subject. The back wall also needs more tonal variety as it loses any sense of depth that has been created elsewhere - although it does look slightly better in the original than this photo.