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Helen Standing - Music Tutor (West Wales UK)

Part 1 - Mark Making & Tone

Project 1.1 -

Making Marks

p19 Holding Pens & Pencils

p20 Doodling

p21 Mark-making Techniques

p22 Using Charcoal

p23 Line & Other Marks

p24 Research - Van Gogh

p24 Research - Eric Ravilious (1903-1942)

p24 Check & Log

Project 1.2 -

Basic Shapes & Fundamental Form

p26 Boxes & Books

p26 Jars & Jugs

p27 Supermarket Shop

p27 Check & Log

Project 1.3 -

Tone & Form

p29 Observing Shadow & Light

p30 Tonal Studies

p31 Research - Odilon Redon

Project 1.4 -

Reflected Light

p32 Study of Reflected Light

p33 Shadows & Reflected Light

p34 Research - Patrick Caulfield

p35 Check & Log

Project 1.5 -

Still Life

p37 Made Objects

p38 Composition of Natural Objects

p39 Negative Space & Perspective

p Check & Log

Project 1.6 -

Using Texture

p41 Experimenting with Texture

p42 Drawing with Textures

p42 Check & Log

Project 1.7 -

Enlarging and Image

p43 Enlarging an Existing Drawing

p44 Enlarging a simple flat image

p44 Check & Log

            Assignment 1 p45 Natural Form & Made Objects