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Helen Standing - Music Tutor (West Wales UK)


BandPad and Play-Along videos are included in your lesson fees. You will be given any corresponding printed materials required in your lesson.

The Playlist below is for most instruments.

Drum students have a separate Drum Playlist.

The tunes in white can be searched for in the BandPad website - remember to log in with your access code.

Most of the tunes in blue are on my unlisted YouTube channel.

Tunes marked YB are provided by the Young Beginner's Book YouTube channel.

Tunes in italics will be available soon.

For copyright reasons, it is illegal for you to share any of the Play-Along resources with others as I only have clearance for use with people attending lessons.


G for Giraffe (YB)

Minims (Half Note G)

One Note March

Locomotive 1

G Rest

G and A:

The A Train (YB)

One Note Exercise

Under Arrest

Salam Solo

Half Note (YB)

Mysterious Mountain

Days Gone By - Part 4

Going GA GA (YB)

Giraffes and Ants (YB)

Picnic Ants (YB)

Major Second 1

Cuban Dance


Morning Breeze 1


Crotchet B (YB)

Quarter Note

Half Note

First Step

Be Happy (YB)

B Tune (YB)

Busy Bees

Take a Rest (YB)


AB Minims

The Old Chuckwagon

Whistling Wind

Two Note Samba

Light of Dawn

Evening Times

AB Dance

AB Twister

The Road Home

Green Fields

Jumping Joe

Shiny Day

A and B Rests


Falling Leaves

Three Four Exercise

First Waltz

These Boots

Motor City

Days Gone By - Part 1


Village Dance

Quarter and Half

Hot Cross Buns (YB)

Hot Cross Buns

Banana Blues

Dance for Two

Merrily (YB)

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Climbing Stair

In the Parade

Eric and Gina

Ray of Light

Summer Blues

Johnny B Good (YB)

B-hive Yourself (YB)

In the Light of the Moon (YB)

Yankee Doodle

GAB Tune

Gently Sleeps

Dance Miniature

Chanukah Beginnings

Sleepless Night

Footprints in the Snow

The Cuckoo Song


Cool Cats (YB)

C Rests

Andante - Carse

Park and Ride

B C Twister

Orange Blues

Days Gone By - Part 3

The Train


Short Song




On the Railroad

The Ant



Boom Chick Boom

Tishrei Saba - Second Voice

Easy to C (YB)

C the Circus (YB)

C Horse (YB)


D-licious (YB)

Mary had a Little Lamb (YB)

Go Tell Aunt Nancy (YB)

Oats and Beans (YB)

My House

Aura Lee

The Galloping Horse (D)

G5 March (Carse)

Zumm Zumm Zumm


The Bee

Ninth Symphony Theme

Lightly Row

The Chicken Dance

D Tunes:

Quaver Tunes:

Variation on Mary (G3)

Spanish Dance (Am3)

Yankee Doodle (D6)

Savanah Blues (D7)

Polka (D8)

Go Tell Aunt Rhody (A6)

Song of the Wind (A8)

Paw Paw Patch (A5/E8)

Andantino - Suzuki (D10)

Allegro - Suzuki (A8)

Shlof Main Kind (Am8)

Minuet No.1 - JS Bach (D13) Minuet No.3 - JS Bach (D13)

Dotted Semiquavers:

Compound Time: